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Wooden table: 125

Wooden table: 125
Wooden table: 125
Wooden table: 125,000+

(Note: For a 1/8th scale model with 25 lbs of wood, this table would be 25,000+.) For 12 inches tall and under, this means it weighs in at around 50 lbs and takes only 24 hours to form its full length on the woodworking scale. (Note: A standard table with 24 inches is about 80 lbs and takes about 30 hours.) If you like your model with natural, natural finish, this one is for you!

The table is 5.625″ x 10″, 4.5″ x 11″ x 12″ with double edge, and it has been lovingly sculpted with a beautiful, light brown color. Each layer has a 5″ crossbow hole in the bottom to cut just the right size at the right length, and the rest of the cut will be for your hand, on the spot. This table has several drawers you can use to easily fill the wood with whatever you want as long as you don’t want to mess with the drawers. The wood gets very much brighter and brighter as it becomes easier to use the wood. (A big thank-you to Todd Zabriskie for the art!)

You can get a good look at my other models HERE. I’m doing the basic production of the woodworking models as well! http://aceraspire3.fashion24.com.ng/wooden-table-125-photos-of-dining-folding-and/
I’m a huge fan of antique wooden and am quite used to adding other models to my own wood

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